This advanced form of facial massage is for those looking for a natural approach to skin rejuvenation. The treatment incorporates a wonderful facial routine using fascial techniques to help lift and smooth the skin on the face and neck and finishes with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

What is fascia?

Fascia is a membranous connective tissue which surrounds every organ and vessel in the body in an endless web. It is primarily made up of collagen and elastin fibres plus the extra-cellular matrix. Most anti-aging treatments will mention increasing collagen and improving elasticity whilst there is no mention of fascia of which these are the key components.

There are two types of fascia; deep and superficial. This facial works on the superficial fascia where dysfunction can cause changes in the appearance and texture of the skin.

Factors which can promote wrinkles include habitual facial expression, ageing, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration and other factors. Wrinkles and folds in the skin appear when the repair process can no longer regenerate and restore damaged fibers to their original state. Stress can also play a part in muscular tension in the face.

This deeply relaxing treatment aims to improve fluid hydration and release fascial restrictions within the superficial fascia thereby improving the appearance of the skin in addition to giving an overall sense of wellbeing.

We use Neals Yard skincare products to cleanse the skin. If you prefer you can pre-cleanse and tone your face prior to your treatment or bring your own products with you for use in the treatment. The treatment is then carried out without any product to be able to effectively work on the fascia.

Lasting effects of the treatment will vary from person to person but as a general rule the first treatment will usually show improvements in the first 24 hours and last for 2-4 days. A one-off treatment is a wonderful way to destress, relax and give the skin a boost and ideal for special occassions. The effects are cumulative so a course of treatments will last much longer after which monthly maintenance treatments are advised to achieve lasting benefits.

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